Stiff Socks Podcast (Trevor Wallace & Michael Blaustein)
Performing in Edmonton on August 14

Brought to you by the stand-up duo of Internet personalities, Trevor Wallace and Michael Blaustein, the STIFF SOCKS PODCAST has earned its place in the young adult comedy space. These two brilliantly funny celebrity comedians will talk about the issues that matter….to them. Usually this will consist of what new weird sh*t they did this week and what made it so bizarre. Their goal is to bring back the fun and be the podcast version of the basement of your friend’s house with the super cool parents that let you chill and left you alone down there.  With 3 years and over 150 episodes of experience beneath their belt, these guys know how to riff. Their irreverent humor and ball busting bits are enough to charm the socks off you and keep you coming back for more.

Stiff Socks Podcast, Trevor Wallace, Michael Blastein - Edmonton, AB