Edmonton Rock Fest

The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton (RRSE) is a local not-for-profit charity who provides after school music programs to youth through the Centre for Arts and Music (CAM) program. The RRSE is a circle of passionate music lovers dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the music that we grew up with and the music they love today. Music that influenced history, transformed a culture, and forever changed our societal landscape – and music that just makes you want to get up and move your groove to.

The Centre for Arts and Music reaches out to children who would otherwise have few opportunities to participate in the arts. At CAM, children learn how to write songs, play instruments and perform together on stage. In the process, they earn self-esteem, respect for themselves and others, and much needed self-confidence. Studies show that children who are exposed to the arts do better in school and other areas of life. We see this first hand every day, and all agencies confirm the positive impact the program is having in the lives of these children. In fact, one agency advised that serious incidents at their centre dropped from several per month to zero as a result of student engagement in CAM.

2022 festival information coming soon! Check back here for some exciting announcements.

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