Keith Nahanee is an Indigenous Stand-Up Comedian and Producer from the Squamish Nation. Keith started doing comedy shows on his reservation, and work his way into the mainstream comedy shows of Vancouver. Keith started getting so busy he started his own comedy show “Bubbas Comedy.” 

Keith’s style can be cute and silly jokes into straight to the point Indigenous life fact stories and jokes. Talking about his short height, native relationships, turning 50 years old and things about the younger generations.

In 2022 Keith recorded his first tv special Comedy Invasion “Rez Comedy” by Margin Films. It is now playing on, Roku and Tubi. 2023 Keith performed at The Winnipeg Comedy Festival. 

After the filming of his tv special, Margin Films asked Keith to team up and create a company called Rez Comedy Ltd. Rez Comedy Ltd is working on creating a tv specials to help other Indigenous Comedians all across Canada. 

Keith Nahanee - Host - Squamish Nation - GOCF Vancouver